Asian Woman staring outside rumination


You invade my thoughts when I least expect it.

You never leave me alone.

You pop up everywhere –
while driving, during my walks, sitting outside enjoying the weather,
even during my sleep.

Why do you invade my peace?

Why are you constantly stirring up trouble when there is no trouble?

Can you not leave me alone, just for a bit?
Can I not enjoy some fun and peaceful moments?

What’s your purpose – coming in at all times of day and night,
trying to make me think of all the negative things going on,
picking imaginary fights with those close to me.

You know, you could stay out of my head, and I’d be pleased.

I’m not going to let you take over my life.

Damn you, rumination. I’m going to find a way to tame you once and for all.

From one woman to another

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