I want to help you achieve your goal with focus and clarity in the shortest amount of time possible.

We all need help at some point in our lives and coaching is a very effective way to acquire that help. During our time together, we focus on finding the right solutions that will transform your life in the fastest time possible. We don't dwell on the problems or blaming others. We look at what you need now to help you create and build that warm, caring relationship where everyone respects each other and values everyone's contribution to the family.

Coaching is not therapy and therefore is not designed to "treat" people who are experiencing severe emotional and traumatic problems. These are best left to the professional in the mental health area. Psychologist and therapists mostly focus on helping the distressed and dysfunctional.

Why coaching? Here are just a few reasons why?

  • You get a better understanding of what your role in the family is
  • You learn how to get your partner to support you as a new stepparent
  • You create and define clear sets of house rules and boundaries for the family
  • You have a better sense of what is normal and what is not
  • You create achievable, realistic and attainable goals for yourself and your relationships

By the end of the coaching series, you gain:

  • A greater sense of confidence and self-esteem in who you are as a stepparent
  • A stronger and healthier family relationship
  •  A sense of fulfillment and personal accomplishment
  • A feeling of belonging and unity in the family

Stepfamily Lifestyle Success

Here you are, wondering what’s happening to your relationship. When you and your spouse/partner first got together, everything was great. You enjoyed each other’s company and even had a very good connection with the kids. But something changed. It’s not the same anymore.

All of a sudden, you and your spouse are arguing over things you never argued before. The kids seem to not be as cooperative as they first were. You are feeling like you are losing control of your home. Anger and maybe even some resentment are creeping into your life. You are not happy with the way things are going. You know you want to make this work but you are not quite sure how.

If this is you and you would like to know how you can turn this around, then click here to find out more.