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Ever find yourself looking for that cheat sheet, worksheet or resource 
you downloaded but can’t remember where you stored it?

Maybe you had good intentions of reading that ebook "later" only to forget you had it?

I know I’ve done this many times, where I go back and resubmit
my name and email multiple times to get the same resource.

Or maybe

You're looking for some specific resource to help you with creating house rules
in your home, or set up healthy boundaries that everyone can live with.

Or maybe you're looking for some book recommendations? 
Which book would be most helpful to you as a stepmom and in your situation?

This One Stop Resource Library
is where you’ll have all you need to get you on your way
to creating and building the kind of
stepfamily relationship you’ve been wanting.

What resources can you find inside this library?

  • Ebook on self-care
  • Worksheets in dealing with conflict
  • Ebook on communication strategies
  • Cheat sheets to set healthy boundaries
  • Mini course on making your marriage last
  • Journal workbook to help feel more grateful
  • Resources to other programs and services that help the stepfamily community
  • And so much more

Each month, you'll get a free resource added to your membership
and it's all free, as long as you are stay a member. 
All you need to do is sign up now to access the Stepmom Resource Library. 

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