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Hi! I'm Claudette.

As a veteran stepmom of 30+ years, I mentor and guide stepmoms through the process of establishing a cohesive and thriving home life for their families, one STEP at a time.

I provide one-on-coaching and self-study programs to help you with your stepfamily struggles.

Claudette Chenevert Life Coach

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What Clients Are Saying About
The Stepmom Coach

"I'm so grateful that I found Claudette! 
Being a stepmom can be lonely, confusing and overwhelming.
And personally, I found myself struggling with a lot of conflicting feelings and guilt.

The moment I first spoke with Claudette I could feel some of those feelings melting.
She creates such a safe space and she has been through it all before with her own stepmom experience.
Working with her gives me so much more than I could ever get from working with
a coach or therapist who hasn't walked this the path of step-motherhood themselves. 
She generously shares her own life experiences and insights, and that has saved me
so much time trying to figure out how to navigate stepmom life and worrying that I'm "doing it wrong." 

When I first reached out to Claudette, I thought that I she would help me become a better stepmom.
Instead, she has helped me to recognize that I am more than enough just as I am and she has helped me to untangle so much of the guilt, confusion and shame of trying to fit into some societal idea of what a stepmom "should" be.

Through our work together, I feel freer and more energized to get back to the things that I enjoy in life
— and my relationship with my partner has become more peaceful and more enjoyable too. 

Thank you Claudette, I look forward to continuing working with you and discovering many more wins!"

Anna Holtzman, Mental Health Counselor and Chronic Pain Coach, NYC

The benefits exceeded my expectations. They were subtle realizations about myself that allowed me to be better prepared to reach my goals.

I learned that by breaking the process into smaller steps, I could manage it more easily.

- Stepmom

In just a few short, miraculous months, we have reached family goals that I literally thought would take 3-5 years to materialize. 

Instead of felling like an outsider I am now more relaxed and able to be myself, to enjoy being married and part of a family.

- Stepmom

I always assumed a coach would focus more on helping me to meet specific goals they set for me. 

I was pleasantly surprised at how you helped me to determine my own goals.

Those expectations [goals] were met as well as so much more.
You also listened to personal issues I was having as a stepmom and gave me great suggestions
to how to overcome these obstacles.

- Stepmom

Who Is Claudette?

CLAUDETTE CHENEVERT, aka The Stepmom Coach, works with women as they struggle to create a cohesive family life. As a speaker, author and stepfamily professional, Claudette mentors and guides stepmoms through the process of establishing a harmonious and thriving home life for their families. Her newest title, “The Stepmom’s Book of Boundaries,” is now available on Amazon.com and elsewhere. Learn about her coaching practice and self-study program for stepmoms at StepmomCoach.com.

We All Need Boundaries— but Why a 52-Card Deck?

Boundaries make us less tense, happier and more secure.

They’re also one of the few things about stepfamily life we can control. 
Companion to "The Stepmom's Book of Boundaries,"
Created by a stepmom for stepmoms and their families— makes it fun and easy to reach higher ground and take control over how your white picket fence dream plays out.

Some cards focus on you, others focus on partnership. Others still suggest ways you can get your (step-)children involved.

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