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Hi! I'm Claudette.

As a veteran stepmom of 30+ years, I mentor and guide stepmoms through the process of establishing a cohesive and thriving home life for their families, one STEP at a time.

I provide one-on-coaching and self-study programs to help you with your stepfamily struggles.

Claudette Chenevert Life Coach

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A resource library at your fingertips, from helping you with house rules,
setting healthy boundaries, having transformational conversations, dealing with conflict,
to gaining confidence and resiliency as a stepmother and stepparent.

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Who Is Claudette?

CLAUDETTE CHENEVERT, aka The Stepmom Coach, works with women as they struggle to create a cohesive family life. As a speaker, author and stepfamily professional, Claudette mentors and guides stepmoms through the process of establishing a harmonious and thriving home life for their families. Her newest title, “The Stepmom’s Book of Boundaries,” is now available on Amazon.com and elsewhere. Learn about her coaching practice and self-study program for stepmoms at StepmomCoach.com.

We All Need Boundaries— but Why a 52-Card Deck?

Boundaries make us less tense, happier and more secure.

They’re also one of the few things about stepfamily life we can control. 
Companion to "The Stepmom's Book of Boundaries,"
Created by a stepmom for stepmoms and their families— makes it fun and easy to reach higher ground and take control over how your white picket fence dream plays out.

Some cards focus on you, others focus on partnership. Others still suggest ways you can get your (step-)children involved.

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