What Kind Of Relationships Do You Want?

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All relationships either add to or subtract from a person's life. - John Maxwell

This quote from John Maxwell is one that I often think about. How much time and energy do I want to spend on a relationship that doesn’t nourish me (or the other) in some way or another?

Take a moment & decide if the people in your life are adding to or subtracting from it. I'm not talking about short term here, but over time. We all have moments where someone closest to us feel like an annoyance, maybe even like a thorn in our sides.

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If this is a passing feeling, then for sure keep those people in your life. But if you're constantly dreading their presence, feeling like your self-esteem is being challenged each and every time you are with this person, then ask yourself if this is worth both of your time and energy to be in a relationship.

Sometimes, it's best to go each our own way rather than to be miserable together.

Who in your life do you need reevaluating the relationship you have with? What are some of the ways you can improve on that relationship? And finally, ask yourself if it's really worth it?

Share your thoughts in the comment box below.


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