Christmas Time Sucks And Here’s Why!

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If you’re spending Christmas day or any other holiday on your own, without family or friends, then you might feel like this time of year sucks.

I’m personally lucky that I have Bernard along with our kids and grandkids to spend the holidays with. I’ll say that I’ve had a few Christmases on my own. Those times were tough. At least, in my case, it was only one day out of the year. I have friends, colleagues and clients who find themselves alone during the holiday times, every year, with very little to look forward to. In fact, what I heard them say to me was “It sucks!”

There’s this ideology that the holidays are The Most Wonderful Time Of the Year! It might be true for you and that’s great. Unfortunately, it’s not so for everyone. If you’re someone whose step/kids are spending the holidays with their other parent, you might be feeling alone and sad just about now. Or if you’ve recently lost a loved one or separated, holidays might be particularly challenging.

I recently watched  A Christmas Winter Song  on Lifetime TV. It’s the story of Fred, a homeless former jazz singer who meets and creates a special friendship with Clio, who just lost her father.  Together, they help each other rediscover the holiday spirit. This movie ends well, making us feel good and hopeful.

I try not to over analyze movies I watch. In my head, I keep telling myself “That’s all nice, but……” (I can be a buzz kill at times.) I get that we all enjoy pick-me-ups and all. Unfortunately, that may not enough for anyone that’s feeling alone during the holidays. And even if you do have family and friends to go to, it doesn’t quite feel the same when you’re on your own during the Holidays.

So what can you do?

I can’t change your life situation. Holidays are hard and I get it. What I can suggest are some ideas that might ease your loneliness and sadness, to help you shift your mindset into looking at your situation from another perspective.

  • Place a few gifts under the tree for YOU! Yes, you can wrap your own gift and open it on Christmas morning. Just make it something you’re excited to open up.
  • Take out that nice china, your best silverware and prepare yourself a special meal. Take out your candles and nice music.
  • Nothing says special more than sitting in front of a fire and enjoy the warm glow. No fireplace? Welcome technology! Here is a link to a fire, crackling sound and all.
  • Play some of your favorite music. Nothing can change your mood faster that music. For some extra impact, stand up and dance to it.
  • Read a book. One that will transport you into another world. Maybe that’s one of the gifts under the Christmas tree?
  • Work on your hobby? Don’t have one? Then Christmas Day is the perfect day to start – Check under that tree to see if you have something there for you.
  • Go to the movies. I had no idea that movie theaters where open on Christmas Day. We just might go see Little Women that day.
  • Visit a Soup Kitchen. Offer to help and serve some meals. I have friends who’ve done this and has become a yearly activity to do as a family.
  • Go away on a trip. There are some really great deals and specials around this time of year for you to take advantage of. You might just make some new friends too.

What are some of your suggestions to deal with the Holiday Blues? What is your favorite thing to do during a time that might not be so jolly and merry?

Leave a comment below and if you know of someone who is not feeling that Christmas cheer, pass this along to them. It might just be the thing that will make their holiday season a bit less gloomy.

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