Taking a Stand!

Where do I start? Do I share how scared and disgusted I felt about the coup d’état, the invasion on the Capitol, a place that I came to respect no matter who controls it, in the name of democracy?

Do I share that I’m setting some strong boundaries in order to protect my mental and physical health so that I can continue to do the work I love?

Let me just say, that I’m not against Republicans or all in for Democrats. I have plenty of friends on both sides and we can talk and be civil with each other. I’ve worked with clients who have different beliefs than I do. We are able to respectfully disagree with each other. The key word here is RESPECTFULLY! There's so much more to us than politics.

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What I’m setting boundaries around is spreading hate speech, encouraging hate crimes, creating and stocking divisiveness. The United States has gone into other countries in the name of Democracy and here we are, letting a few terribly misled people invade the very institution that talks about Democracy.

I came to this country and became an American Citizen because I believe in what this country stands for – not for what I saw yesterday on Capitol Hill. By saying nothing, I’m accepting what I saw and I can’t do this. I talk about setting strong and healthy boundaries and I would feel like a total hypocrite and fraud if I didn’t say anything.

Yesterday, I started blocking – yes blocking and not just unfriending, people who believed yesterday's act of domestic terrorism was a great move, even encouraging and praising the culprits. This is a deal breaker for me. No need for warnings, no second chances. In my life, this is deal breaker – pure and simple.

I love my work. And if you’ve taken the time to know me and talk with me, you know how passionate I am about helping the Stepfamily Community. That will never change.

I can’t stand here and keep quiet about the domestic terrorism I saw. And if my message doesn’t resonate with you, I’m OK with the idea that we part ways, respectfully. That’s what setting healthy boundaries means - being OK with letting go what isn't healthy and safe for me and others that I love and care for.

Now that I’ve shared where I stand, I’m ready to discuss and explore ways we can heal and unite our relationships, one STEP at a time.


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Stepmoms are often misunderstood, alone and overwhelmed. I help stepmothers with support and advice in how to create a loving and lasting stepfamily, one STEP at a time.


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