Smart or Wise? Or Both?

There are days when I wonder just how smart or wise I really am. I mean when I start saying what I think, sure it feels good at the moment, but then am I going to regret what I said some time down the road?

Chances are I might. I’ve tried to live a life of no regrets, realizing it just might not be possible.

When I heard Brene Brown talk at the ICF DC in June, the conversation around living with no regrets came up. She said it was not possible or even realistic to live with no regrets. It would assume that you are always making the right decisions at the right moment.

The truth is (at least that is how I see it) in order to live a real and authentic life, it means there will be regrets, there will be times when you say stupid things you wished you could take back and never have uttered those words.

There will be times when you get mad at your spouse, your kids, your friends and say what is on your mind at that very moment, realizing you let your emotions guide you in your actions.

Sure our emotions are an important part of our lives, yet our emotions don’t always make the best decisions for us especially if we are sad, angry or insecure.

I love this quote for it tells us to think twice before acting, and there will be times when we will have acted without thinking. It’s OK to have some regrets as long as you learn from it and try to do better next time.

What are some of the things you said you wished you had not? Was there something you took away from that experience that you could learn from, to become wiser?

Let us know, so that we can all learn and grow.

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