How Do You Deal With Last Minute Weekend Changes?

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If there is anything that can be annoying is having your weekend plans change at the last minute, right?

Well that depends on you. See, Bernard and I are spending some time in Virginia Beach, anticipating walking on the beach. Unfortunately, the forecast is rain — all weekend long.

Although we’re somewhat disappointed, this gives us an opportunity to come up with alternative plans. That may not be comforting to you, especially if you were looking forward to what was coming up. And I get it.

There are some plans that just rock you to the core when they change. I’m not talking about those. I’m talking about last minute changes in whether your stepkids come or not, in being able to leave on a scheduled visit, to miss out on an activity or a event. Changes that are annoying, frustrating and an inconvenience.

Sometimes, changes can be a good thing. It opens up opportunities for something better to come.

When events don’t go the way you expected, it’s a good idea to have a plan B, maybe even C, D, E, F, G, etc. You get what I’m saying. Life rarely goes as planned. In fact, I can attest that it rarely does. Is this a good thing? Hmmm, you tell me.

When did you have a plan in place that failed big time? Did anything positive come out from that “failed plan?”

In my case, instead of walking on the beach, Bernard and I plan on going to some local museums and exploring Norfolk, a place we’ve only driven through and know very little about.

If you’re not looking forward to your weekend, or that your plans changed because someone or something intervened, look for opportunities to do something you didn’t anticipate on doing.

Maybe this is the perfect time to call up a friend and go out for coffee, drinks, or movies. Is there some hobby you’ve been wanting to try out that you just didn’t have the time to explore? This might just be the right time for it.

Take a moment to look at what else you can do with this unexpected change and let me know what happened. I’ll share some pictures of our weekend next week.

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