It's Time To Nurture Your Relationship

Maintaining a satisfying romance nowadays calls for taking the time to schedule and plan out your day. Along with everyone's busy lives, it isn't automatic anymore to have the time to nurture and enjoy our spouses. And that's even more so when you have your own kids or stepkids living with you full-time or part-time.

We need to focus on the couple to nurture and grow fun and enjoyable moments as a couple in order to help weather out the rough patches that are inevitable, in all relationships.

Just like a project, you need to set aside time to plan activities that you do as a couple. This creates shared memories that build and strengthen a relationship-the more you have the better the relationship withstands hard times.

Commitment is another important component in building stronger relationships. You need to commit to sharing yourself with the other, not just in activities but of yourself as in your thoughts and feelings.

But you say “we don’t have time for all of this.” Then make the time. 

When something is really important to you, you actually find time and energy for it.

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5 Things To Do

legs of man and woman out in the fields
  • Start by sitting together with your daily planners or calendar and find 1 to 2 hours a week.
  • Choose an activity that you would both enjoy doing.
  • Pencil it in your planner/calendar
  • Get ready for the event
  • Do it and have fun

This is what relationship coaching is all about. Helping you find the goal you want, set the strategies to get there and then follow through with actions.

Need help? Contact me at claudette @ stepmomcoach dot com.

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