Being Stuck

Nothing feels worse than being stuck in life. You get the impression of spinning your wheels only to be at the same place you started. Maybe life is being sucked out of you because there is little or no progress in what you are doing or what you aspired to have.
Do you feel like you are stuck in life, not sure where to go? I know I’ve felt like that and I hate it. It feels powerless, hopeless, and purposeless. You are doing your best to keep your marriage fun and exciting, talking with your kids so that you stay connected, or giving your best at work only to feel empty.

The more you try, the more discouraged you become until you finally give up.
How can you get yourself unstuck? What can you do to reignite that spark in your life and your relationships?

Here are a few lifelines to help pull you up:

Face your obstacles. Hiding under your sheets in hopes something or someone will come to rescue you won’t help. You need to look at those challenges in the face and ask yourself “What can I do to get past this?” Be honest with yourself and take a good look at what is working and what is not.

Ask for feedback from those you trust. Sometimes we cannot see what is in front of us. We are so caught up with “fixing” what is not worth our time and energy that we cannot see other options. Are you missing opportunities to create real happiness in your life? Ask for another set of eyes to help you decide if what you are doing is actually working. If not, then maybe it is time to move on to something better.
Write down your successes. During challenging moments in our lives, we have a tendency to forget that every day, we have some wins. They may not be big and memorable, but they are wins nonetheless. It could be something as simple as putting the dishes way, writing a note to your spouse, returning a phone call to a client. Writing your successes at the end of the day will give you inspiration and courage to move forward, even when things seem dim and hopeless.

Know when to course correct. There are times when letting go of what is not working is the best solution. When you do, you are creating a void in your life that Universe seeks to fill with something different and hopefully better. Ask yourself if it is really worth holding on to something that is not working or filling you up. If not, then do a course correction.

When you are stuck in life, do not wait until you are close to drowning. Reach up and grab a lifeline. There is no shame is asking for help or changing directions in your life. You are made to live a life of purpose.


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