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Are you wondering how to pay for your kids or stepkids college? Do you know about the recent changes in FAFSA application and the impact it has on divorced parents and blended families?

What are the best strategies that will give your student the best changes of getting accepted to the college?

Let’s find out on The Stepmom Wisdom Circle

Described as “the bubble wrap of life & college coaching,” Mindi Trimble encourages college-bound students to POP with fun, stress-relieving ideas for navigating their educational journeys using the Majorly Determined method inside her multi-year Accepted Academy program.

She then makes sure they don’t POP under pressure by coaching them through carefully chosen coursework and self-directed experiences—all culminating in personality-filled applications that get put in the ‘yes’ pile.

Besides increasing acceptance rates, working with Mindi has been known to yield college financial offers ranging from five to thirty times her students’ investment in her programs.

When not singing her students’ praises, Mindi's flexing her Phi Beta Kappa-from-UC Berkeley skills at trivia nights, hiking with her family and German Sheagle, or using her formal opera training to make up silly versions of soprano arias.

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In this podcast, we’ talking about:

In this episode of The Stepmom Wisdom Circle, I'm joined by college coach Mindi Trimble to discuss the recent changes to the FAFSA application and their impact on divorced parents. We explore how the application now considers the parent who provides the most financial support and how 529 college investment account distributions made by grandparents are no longer counted as income.

Mindi Trimble shares her experience working with divorced parents, stepmoms, and stepdads, and how she acts as a go-between to support students in stepfamilies.

She provides regular progress updates, separate billing, and emotional support, making the college coaching process easy for parents.

Mindi also addresses common misconceptions about college essays, emphasizing that they don't always have to be about major challenges overcome.

She guides students in writing about personal growth and demonstrates how admissions boards value their ability to seek out resources to overcome future challenges.

Mindi highlights the positive effect a coach in a stepfamily dynamic can have, allowing parents to focus on building relationships, and shares her majorly determined framework to help students explore their interests, find suitable college programs, and search for scholarships.

The episode concludes with a discussion on the increased importance of college coaches in the absence of standardized tests, the role of essays in the application process, and the recent Supreme Court decision regarding affirmative action.

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