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What do you say to a child when you’re about to separate or get a divorce? Books are often a great way to help children understand complex issues such as these. But where do you find them?

On today’s podcast, I’ll be talking with Rachel Brace, an author and psychologist who works with children, adolescents and their parents/caregivers who are in situations of family conflict, separation and divorce.

Rachel has a keen interest in stepfamilies and in working with and supporting parents, stepparents and co-parents who are adjusting to shared care arrangements. Rachel’s previous work experience includes nine years with the Australian Family Law Courts as a Court appointed psychologist/Family Consultant.

Since 2014 Rachel has been consulting privately in Sydney, providing Single Expert services in Family Law matters as well as therapeutic support to parents, children and young people facing transition, loss, growth and change. Originally from New Zealand, Rachel now lives in Sydney with her family.

To learn more about Rachel and her books, go to

In this podcast, we’ talking about:

  • How children perceive separation and divorce
  • The losses these children experience
  • When to talk about separation and divorce to our children
  • How to help the children deal with their emotions in healthy ways

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