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What would you give to not have your kids or stepkids argue, fight or resist going to bed every night?

I remember when our kids were young, there were times when it seemed to take forever to have them go to bed, let alone fall asleep. Bedtime meant alone time for me and my husband not to mention the health benefits of our kids, making sure they had enough sleep.

On Today’s podcast, I’m talking with Brook Packard,

 a writer, musician and an early childhood educator who created the Sleepytime Club which makes bedtime simple for families, helping parents reclaim their evenings. She believes bedtime is the first, best habit; a moment of grace to us every single night; and that we can change the world for the better by using this time to care for ourselves and our families and communities. 

You can learn more about Brook at

Brook talks about

  • The effects bedtime rituals have on us
  • The effects of electronics in the bedrooms
  • The effects of too little sleep has on our lives
  • The effect language has on our ability to fall asleep